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Credit Facility

$150,000,000 Fannie Mae Credit Facility

Location: Multiple States
Loan Amount: $150,000,000
Term: 20 Year Facility
Amortization: Full Term Interest Only
Execution: Agency 

District Capital is pleased to announce the closing of an eight-property, $150,000,000 Fannie Mae Credit Facility.  This facility allowed the borrower the ability to tap into trapped equity utilizing an accordion feature while providing the most flexible loan terms tailored to the borrower's needs.

  • Ladder maturities – provided floating up to 15-year fixed rates 
  • Full-term interest only
  • Non-recourse (carve-outs to entity only)
  • Sub 3% coupon - fixed with 15-year I/O
  • No unused fees – No rebalance fees
  • Allowed for the borrower to acquire, dispose, and substitute collateral within the facility
  • Early rate lock, no reserves, no COVID-19 reserve, no escrows, fully assumable